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15 сентября 2011
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My name is Vladimir, I am the founder of Moscow based travel-in-style company Your Travel Expert. 


The company was born from 20 years of experience in both leisure for wealthy individuals and corporate travel for groups. The product my team offers to clients is an antidote to everything that is packaged and unconsidered about today’s Luxury & MICE travel business. 


Also, I am a well-known b2b expert for Russian travel industry. During my trips I create exciting and useful content on destinations for my pages on Facebook, TripAdvisor, Marusya Cup, Forbes Travel Guide, TTG Russia, MICE & more magazine. You can find some links below.


I create articles and powerful imagery that inspire and moves people and, at the same time, describe and rate destinations themselves, accommodations, food recommendations, ideas on what to do etc. From my experience, one of the best ways to propel your product forward is storytelling, and this is what I do. The topics are unique and so they’re shared with a massive travel trade audience. 


However, I am not just a travel blogger, one can consider me as an online sales specialist. Through my work experience gained within the tourism industry and being an independent travel expert, I have built up a big network and know the needs of the market. 
Every day more than 3 000 travel agents from Russia and CIS follow my publications ad ask my opinion and recommendations.


Also I am a columnist for MICE & more magazine, edition N1 for Russian MICE specialists. 


My personal blog on Marusya Cup – the Best and Friendly to Russian clients hotels awards. The project successfully operates since 2013, with 3500-15000 unique new visitors daily, 60% of the visitors are travel industry professionals.
My personal Facebook page is
Here are several hashtags for you to find more information about my projects and long-term collaborations. 
– Long-term collaborations –
#EUROBUSINESSTOUR (The Leading Russian Touroperator of Exotic Islands in the Indian Ocean)
#TravelClubALaCarte (Touroperator of Individual bookings)
#RussticoTravel (Russian speaking DMC in Central America)
#KTcars by Karlson Tourism (Rent a car worldwide).
Also, I am a hotel ambassador for
#MaritimPineBeach in Belek, Turkey.
– The last projects with hotels – 
#Abaton Island Resort & Spa (Crete Island, Greece)
#DaiosCove (Crete Island, Greece)
#MILUXE by Marriott …

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